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pump and core rebuilding information

Rebuilding info

We do a complete teardown and inspection of  all parts of the pump then clean and reassemble the pump with all new seals,o-rings,and packings including the crossover relief valve,a,b,c, valve seals. Your pump is then tested and set to factory pressures then painted and decaled.Any other part that is not up to factory tolerances is replaced at a additional cost of the part only,no additional labor cost.

Processing of pump rebuilding:

Step 1 drain your pump

Step 2 tag your pump with name address phoneNumber Email address                                                         

Step 3 ship your pump to us at the address on the contact us page make sure it is insured and delivery verification

Step 4 We will inspect your pump upon arrival and contact you if any variance from the amount previously qouted

Step 5 We will rebuild your pump and ship back to you in your original box insured verification of delivery as soon as payment has been cleared.

Step 6 We will contact you by email/phone to let you know when to expect your pump


All cores must be rebuildable upon our recieving and inspection. This means no broken bases,pumps,top caps, angle blocks,motor caps,ect. Threads damaged ect. NOTE: we will rebuild your pump if any of the previous things have occured however it will be at a additonal cost to repair/replace the damaged or missing parts.


In a hurry to get your pump back? We also offer a pump exchange program where you send us your rebuildable pump core and upon accepting it we same day ship you a rebuilt pump! If problems with your core we will contact you first to make you aware of any cost difference.If core passes inspection subtract core value from a rebuilt pump price.We will inspect core then contact you and advise you of outcome.

E-47 core   200.00      E-60 core 300.00  Other exchanges may be available call for info

NOTE**  For exchange program the power angle block has to be a adjustable relief valve type or a $100.00 deduction will be made from your core value        For rebuilding your pump it does not matter only for exchanges


If any pump is not to be rebuilt at pump owners request it will be sent back to owner at owners expense plus bench fee of $50.00  ALL non reuseable parts will be photographed if requested by owner or returned at owners expense.


Rebuilding cost E-47         300.00     This includes H model

Rebuilding cost E-58H        400.00

Rebuilding cost E-60          400.00     This includes H model

Rebuilding cost Western cable operated   300.00

Rebuilding cost Western Electric solenoid  400.00